3 Essential Elements for an Efficient Work Area
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Magnification / Good Lighting / Stable Work Area
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OptiVisor™  (A Precision Headband Magnifier)
TSharpWork Stations  (Light & Magnifier)
TSharpMountable Multi-Lamps
TSharpMountable Magnifiers

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checkmark.gif (406 bytes)   Magnification:   Magnification is recommended for use during sharpening & inspection procedures.  We recommend a magnifier which leaves your hands free and allows three dimensional vision.  Try Our: Optivisor, Wearable Magnifier, Headband Magnifier

A Precision Headband Magnifier


OptiVisor 4 2.00 10" OV-840 $40.00  
OptiVisor 5 2.5 8" OV-850 $40.00  
OptiLoupe + 2.5X magnification OV-802 $12.00  
Also Through Special Order:
OptiVisor 7 2.75 6" OV-870 $40.00  
OptiVisor 10 3.50 4" OV-810 $40.00  

Please Note: Lens magnification of 2 - 2.5 times the object size is optimal; however, no more than 4 times magnification is needed.  High-powered devices should only be used for examining instruments--not for the actual sharpening process--because higher power distorts the object being magnified and interferes with the sharpening accuracy.

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checkmark.gif (406 bytes) Proper Illumination:  Use high intensity lamps, or other light sources, that can be directed down and concentrated in one specific area.   Proper lighting is essential to the precision procedures needed to sharpen your instruments accurately.   Why? (1) To see what you are doing during the sharpening process and (2) To evaluate the sharpness of your instrument's edges. Dull edges reflect light.  Rotate the instrument so that the cutting edge is facing directly into the light.  If you see light reflecting off the cutting edge, then you are holding a dull instrument.  

Work Station with Mounted Lights   Work Station with Mounted Light and Magnifier
Tsharp™ Work Stations

Two Options available: (pictured Above)
    Item# WS-880   TSharp WorkStation     

Has 1 Multi-Lamp & 1 Magnifier with dual 2x/4x power lens.
Item# WS-881   TSharp WorkStation    $117.99   
Has two mounted Multi-Lamps for a more even distribution.

Also Sold Separately, Can be mounted directly through 
or on the side of any work table:
Item# LI-800         TSharp Multi Lamp          $50.00  

    Item# LI-808         TSharp Magnifier           

Accessories & Parts 

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