Twice as Sharp
Scissors Sharpeners

by Wolff Industries
Twice as Sharp Scissor Sharpener, Beautician Shear Sharpener

With 20% more power

Standard Model #STD-TAS

Fast.....Sharpens 20-30 pairs per hour.
Easy.....Reduces hand pressure 20-50%.
    Low cost.....Only...................$404.55 

Professional Model  #PRO-TAS.....$404.55 

Industrial Model  #IND-TAS........$404.55 

Ookami Gold Model  #OGS-TAS...$577.76

Ookami Gold Model #OGA-TAS...$683.96 

Ookami Gold Model #OGC-TAS...$751.46  

redball.gif (682 bytes)  Special clamp position scissors for precise duplication of bevel.
           Sharpen curved blades and pinking shears easily.
redball.gif (682 bytes)  Lifetime sealed bearings provide years of maintenance free use.
redball.gif (682 bytes)  1/4 Hp Ball Bearing, condenser runs motor at 3450 rpm.
redball.gif (682 bytes)  Easy-to-read manual and video tape included.
redball.gif (682 bytes)  Comes with two 5" wheels:
    (1) a 1/2" wide standard sharpening wheel
    (2) a standard buffing wheel 



Accessories Furnished: Safety glasses, breathing mask, scissors lubricant, pink hone, wheel dresser, sales poster, eye shields, hex wrench, angle gage, operators manual, & training video.
Available in 110-130 a.c., 60 cycle. Wattage 375.  Can be set to run on 220-240 a.c. 
U.S. Patent #4,528,778 Manufactured by Wolff Industries (model STD-TAS)

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Optional Accessories for the TwiceAsSharp Machine:
5" Standard Replacement Wheels
400g Diamond Wheel. 100% diamond concentration, 1/8" thick.
Increases your effectiveness when sharpening all scissors, including carbide tipped.
Highly Recommended for sharpening delicate edges such as specialty beautician shears.  
ITEM# TS535    
Chisel Clamp For Twice as Sharp
Holds Instruments (up to 1/2" thick by 1 1/2" wide) on wheel at appropriate sharpening angle.   Used for  Accurate reshaping of  Osteotomes, chisels, and other similar instruments.    Model# 30003
ITEM# TS536    


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