Business Program, Medical and Dental Sharpening & Repair  Business Program
Sharpening & Repairing Medical & Dental Instruments








EdgeMaker2000 Surgical System:  EM2000 Machine, Flex Shaft Kit, Hand Hone/File Kit, Accessories Kit, Training Video & Manual




Instructional Videos: Dental Sharpening, Orthodontic Sharpening, Orthodontic Retipping, Needle Holder Retipping, Dental Retipping, Handpiece Repair (VHS or DVD format) $40.00 each




Twice As Sharp Scissors Sharpening Machine




400 Grit Diamond Wheel for Twice As Sharp




Mac Blast Sandblaster (36" x 24")



  Glass Beads (two 50lb bags, $30.00 each) 
1 $259.00*   Carbide Grinder & Stand
1 $425.00*   WWW Grainger Air Compressor System
1 $259.00*   Regular Grinder & Stand
2 $140.00
6" Rubber RSC Wheels for Grinder
1 $179.00 DW-440 6" Diamond Wheel for Grinder
1 $535.00*   Buffer
1 $299.99 BS-250 TSharp Belt Sander Package
1 $486.99*   Acetylene Torch with Tanks
1 $139.99*   Dremmel Grinder
1 $107.99 WS-881 TSharp Work Station with two lights
1 $30.00 various OptiVisor Headband (choice of magnifications)
1 $557.50 various Inventory of Needle Holder Inserts
1 $615.00 various Inventory of Orthodontic Inserts
1 $15.00 UF-141 Ultra Flux, 1lb Jar
1 $37.00 SS-140 Ribbon Silver Solder, 1 oz roll.
1 $3,000.00 HP-100 Handpiece Repair Start Up Package
1 $2,131.25 DR-100 Dental Retipping Start Up Package
3 $2,100.00 SRV-101 3 days of personal training at TSharp ($700 per day)
Total $14,236.70 $10,781.73* * items are purchased through a local supplier
Prices subject to change without notification


    This is a list of recommended equipment for a full-service sharpening and repair laboratory offering sharpening and repair for all types of medical and dental instruments and tools.  This list can be modified and changed as needed.  
    You may also elect to have us do some of the repairs to reduce your startup costs.  Much of the equipment and repair parts listed above is associated with instrument retipping and handpiece repair; however, the cost of providing sharpening services is significantly less.  Many other companies out-source certain repairs to us so they can provide the service to their customers without the startup costs.
    Please contact a TSharp Representative for further details on the startup cost associated with starting up or adding medical or dental sharpening/repairs to your business.  Our success is in direct line with your success.  Best Wishes for a successful business venture.

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